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Newger, Lda, with its registered trademark Sollac Tintas began its activity in 2004 in Campelos, Torres Vedras, with a young team, with experience and entrepreneurial mentality

With more than 13 years of experience, we have created experienced know-how, which allowed us to obtain the national and international recognition of the most diverse companies, institutions, clients, artists and painters. We have created innovative products that have improved people’s lives, protecting homes, and giving families more comfort, yet at the same time reducing costs and always environmentally conscious.

Today, Newger – Sollac Tintas is located in Torres Vedras in the F.A.S. building with a factory area of ​​about 10,000 m², and with about 150 items of our product line. Our main families of products are: Paints, Insulation, Varnishes, Primers, Wood Line and Industrial Line. The success of Newger – Sollac Tintas is based on the values ​​of dynamism and above all, commitment to the relationship with suppliers, employees, customers, professionals and consumers.


  • Quality

    Our products should perform best and should be able to meet the requirements of the market.

  • Facility

    Our painting and insulation systems must be comprehensible and easy to use.

  • Economic

    Our products should mean long-term savings for our customers, but maintaining excellence and quality.

  • Commitment

    We want to be recognized as a reliable supplier, a key player in the environmental policies of our customers.

  • Innovation

    We work for the continuous improvement of products and processes, integrating new technologies, always attentive to the needs of the market.


Responsible Sustainability0%
Meet the needs of man, nature and environment.

Quality being one of our core values, it is our duty to find a balance between economic, environmental compatibility and quality of life. That is clear, it includes protecting the environment, efficient use of resources and creating a comfortable environment for people. The wide range of low environmental risk products, paints and varnishes, solvent-free, water-based, various ECO products in our product range are proof of this.

Sustainable Production0%
Respect for the environment is one of the key elements of our company.

Universal respect guides our decisions. The Newger – Sollac Tintas Environmental Strategy is supported by three main pillars:Strengthen our environmental management system by continuing to work on the ECOLUB Certification 11139693. Optimize the use of resources, improving energy efficiency and controlling the consumption of water and raw materials. In 2014, we reduced energy consumption by 15%. Limit our impact on the environment mainly by reducing our waste. In 2014 we reduced our CO2 emissions by 13%.

Human Resources0%
Our employees are the lifeblood of Newger's collective performance - Sollac Tintas

We promote the employee’s involvement in the company in order to help people reach their full potential so that we can offer higher quality to all our clients, whether they are professional painters, private consumers, independents, distributors, architects or builders.We guarantee the professional development of each employee. In 2017, each employee received an average of 6 hours of training. Newger – Sollac Tintas is also committed to understanding worker expectations and evaluating their well-being.

Social Responsibility0%
Sponsorship Initiatives, Patronage, Social Projects

Newger – Sollac Tintas implements local actions aimed at promoting education, arts, sport and culture in order to support associations, artists, clubs and individuals in favor of a social and solidarity economy.All these actions have been carefully planned and selected so that they meet the principles of the company’s performance. Principles of transparency, honesty, seriousness and social responsibility, and in the search and commitment to the ethics and quality of life of the whole society.


Bringing color to people’s lives, but without taking colors to the environment, this is our main mission.


Since it was founded, Newger, under its trademark Sollac Tintas, develops high quality products and services, as well as technologies that help consumers and painters transform homes, offices, buildings, businesses, swimming pools, industries and all types of construction , with simple yet effective paint systems, and which are all in their production and use, the least environmental aggressors.

Color is in the DNA of our company and with it we want to color the world, always looking for the needs of the market, new concepts and products created to meet the new challenges of today.


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